July 9, 2012

Sour Grapes

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Grapes are fruit. Since the nature of a grape tree is to creep, the grapevine is the circle of talk or gossip amongst people. There is a famous saying “I heard it via the grapevine”.

Another saying relates to desires which goes “If a person cannot reach the grapes then they say ‘The grapes are too high’. When grapes ferment or turn bad they can be used to make wine.
Water is purity. It is on majority of the earth and necessary for life.
Jesus was the son aspect of the trinity and he turned water into wine. In essence he turned something pure into something toxic. Jesus was a martyr.
In today’s world we are sure to find those who choose to go against the mediocre and these people could become martyrs, especially if they have strong views that they deem to be good but are not the same of the masses. For example in a goverment filled with corruption or any sytem for that matter one could easily become a martyr. If one has strong religious, social or practical beliefs the grapevine (i.e. Web of gossip) could martyr them out of jealousy.
This is further related to Jesus being the mortal aspect of the Trinity. If a human being could form part of a trinity then there mind (sub conscious past that defines present) will be the Father, the Heart (spirit and emotions) will be the Mother and ther body(primal instinct) will be the son. Now the body acts as a hero in a way because its urges are to save people, preach to people etc. Whilst the Father leaves it to karma and the mother only provides support eitherway (neither left nor right-i.e. balance).
It is the nature of the unwise son to reveal his judgments against people whilst the Fathe will just act and the mother would feel.

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