Equilibrium3 is dedicated to helping those who seek the answer to questions like ‘What is the meaning of life?’, ‘Is the world going to end in 2012?’, ‘Why are there so many religions?’, ‘Is there one God?’ and more.

On this site we research, break down and combine information and leave you to decide.
In no way do we intend to judge, discriminate or look down upon any particular religion, race or anything else and all information is deemed to be merely opinion.

Monks who leave the material world behind and trek to mountains usually seek ‘God Consciousness’, a term used to describe the attainment of a higher spiritual mind. An enlightenment if you will to understand the universe.

One cannot just understand by reading or by being brainwashed into believing a set line of rules. One has to leave these rules and whatever is told behind in order to find the answers one seeks. And the answers are always within, although very deep and difficult to access.

The authors of this site believe in all religions and a universal power that connects all.

We do hope that this helps you on your way to your destiny.


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